First blog post


Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’m new to this and not completely sure of what I’m doing, but I have wanted to do this for some time and I figure I must make a start, right now, there is no better time.

Pixie postcards will feature, places I love, places I visit and places I have travelled to..

Travelling and finding interesting, beautiful accommodation has become a bit of a passion, at the cost of my house being completed! I am not one of those typical travel bloggers, I don’t have heaps of cash,  I am just me.  I’m not trying to be out there or impress, I just love taking pictures and those that know me will tell you I like a good old waffle! I’m not a pro photographer, nor am I a talented wordsmith but I do have a passion for the things I see and I hope to convey this here.

I’d love for you to take the time to follow me and my ramblings.. Thank you my lovelies, my first ‘actual’ blog will be added soon. ❤ ❤ ❤


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