Crafty Camping

Magical, mystical, mythical.

There’s something so nurturing about being within the comforting arms of trees. Every time I enter a forest I am captivated by it’s simple beauty and a sense of being transported back to my childhood days watching Willow the Wisp. I wanted to believe in faeries so much and even now if I see a nook in a tree or a toadstool I look to see if there are signs of little woodland life. The forest takes on different personalities at different times of the day and after the sun has dipped and the air begins to cool everything becomes even more magical and mysterious. Once the smell of dusk set in, you can really sense and feel the energy with even more clarity.


We chose Crafty camping in Holditch, Dorset because it matched all the criteria we wanted:

Woodland, privacy, comfort, luxury, beauty, nature, escapism.

After a 5 hour journey we were immediately stunned by the view across the Dorset/Devon countryside. After a little stretch my intrigue and excitement were heightened by the sight of the little pathway down into the woodland. You have to leave your car and carry everything down the track to the accommodation, all the time trying not to run; I had flip flops on which added to the amusement; typical townie!  It is all very enticing and once we hit the clearing where the communal facilities were located we were not disappointed. We continued on past the sauna yurt (how very cute) to our fabulous green tipi, stood proud amongst the trees. Next comes the anxious moment of opening the doors to our temporary home..

A beautiful handmade bed stares at you, centrally placed with a moon like pendant above, all very symmetrical which satisfies the perfectionist in me. I’m happy, we’re both happy and what makes us even more happy are the electric blankets and comfy duvet; this is not the traditional camping we were used to from years back on Scooter rallies (an Argos value sleeping bag covered in the stench of two stroke and strong lager). This is proper posh grown up camping!

There is a hammock, which is perfect for kicking back for an afternoon snooze, sun rays stream through the branches and the soothing sound of a trickling stream sings in your ears. The outdoor shower is an absolute revelation! To begin with I was looking for the ‘proper’ indoor shower; that does not exist. The showers here are hugely popular and I can understand why. With the powerful steaming hot water you could be fooled into thinking you are in a luxurious Maldives Spa, it really is that exciting! It is especially invigorating after a little session in the sauna.

Evenings (and sweet dreams) are made of open fires, steaks and wine. There is a ‘no amplified music’ policy so we took the opportunity to actually talk to each other! It’s amazing how sitting around a fire can spark the most interesting and deep conversations. Goals and ambitions become so much more possible; or is that as the wine kicks in?? You soon realise that the simplest of things are what make you truly happy. Whether it’s due to the wine, the fire, the setting or some other mythical magic at play one really does feel they can conquer the world at that moment (yes it probably was the wine haha). I should probably mention that the Communal yurt is stocked with more locally made wine should you need to purchase it..  Ooopps!

We tried with all our might to stay awake late enough to see the stars, however with it being May it really does struggle to get dark enough before the heated blankets and wood burner start to call your name.

We did breakfast alfresco bbq style, however there is a huge communal kitchen equipped with everything you need.. And more! There are fridges to store your food, a massive range cooker, pizza oven, kettles etc.. Plus unlimited tea, coffee and Dorset Cereals. The pond sits just behind the kitchen and makes a perfect spot for an early morning cuppa and natter with other guests. There are a few other options for accommodation including a yurt and a shepherds hut, all hidden away in private locations across the woodland. Guy is almost finished with the new luxury treehouse which we are manifesting as I speak. It will be magnificent! Take a look on the website.  So much here has been crafted by hand and that adds to the warmth and naturalness of the site. You can take part in woodworking courses, or if like us you just want to escape work, traffic, bills and tv it’s the perfect location for some RnR (there is free wifi in the communal kitchen if you have the urge 😉) it is the perfect destination.

I honestly did not want to leave but a stay in Salisbury was calling and then of course home.  We are taking some wonderful memories and inspiration away from our stay.  It has reinforced the fact that we want to purchase our own little piece of woodland and it has inspired me to begin my blog (hello!).

Open your eyes and look at the day.

Dimpsey Hut

Situated in the South-Western corner of Somerset the cute little shepherds hut takes it’s name from a local term used to describe the enchanting time of the evening just before dusk.  It’s actually my favourite time of the day, when the last bit of warmth from the sun caresses the face and time seems to slow right down.. It’s perfectly apt then that Emma and Andrew’s beautiful corner in the rolling hills of Somerset has adopted this name; time here seems to have halted.  Although a new creation, the hut has the essence of a bygone age, a time when simple pleasures existed.. Here, I was able to really appreciate just ‘being’.

After finding the hut online I was excited about the prospect of being able to take my little shadow Bronson (19 month old Frenchie) along for the trip.. I maybe lived to regret it after 3 nights of practically no sleep due to his off the scale snoring!  The journey down was smooth and Bronson was well behaved, we had a quick stop off at services for walks, poos (Bronson) and supplies, before  hot stepping it along the 303, past Stonehenge and eventually arriving at our little home for the next few days.  There’s no check in (or check out) here which eliminates the worst part of any stay, although Emma does come across to have a chat and run through everything with you.  They are also on hand should you need anything.

        dimpsey7   dimpsey29    dimpsey8

Somerset delivered resplendent Autumn sunshine and Dimpsey delivered a quintessentially British welcome.. Classical music playing, a tea tray set up complete with two delicious mini Victoria sponges, local produce stocked up in the fridge, homemade marmalade and the hut filled to the brim with gorgeous wares made by British designers sat alongside quaint and quirky vintage finds. I spent a good hour just looking at everything.. and that was before I’d even explored what the outside space had to offer (did I mention the hot tub?).

dimpsey14    dimpsey12    dimpsey11    dimpsey

Exploring done, unpacking complete, food and wine in the fridge, shoes off and comfies on.. This has to be bliss, sitting in the sun amongst the Blackdown Hills, watching the sheep with a cuppa and cake, the sound of a faraway tractor working the land.. Oh and the noise of a rather shocked little frenchie running into the electric fence in a bid to say hello to the sheep.. the first and last time he did that! After that followed many ‘face offs’ with a number of the wooly residents (in particular the angry ewe we named Black Beard), there were no more attempts to get up close and personal (just as well for him I’m sure).

There really is so much to discover within the hut, including a portable record player complete with a handful of albums to set the tone.. We settled upon ‘Fleetwood Mac’ ‘Rumours’. Ok we weren’t in 1970’s California, but just for a moment with the heat of the sun and the folk charm of the hut you could be fooled into being anywhere.


A few bad renditions of ‘Dreams’ later and as the ‘Dimpsey’ set in we lit the firepit, cooked dinner (unsuccessfully.. cue the crisps and dips) in the outdoor oven, grabbed the throws and blankets and settled ourselves with some vino.. The location is so peaceful  (aside from Bronson’s snoring) and the sky was clear, making our entertainment for the evening. Happiness has to be an evening spent this way, no crappy reality tv or phone signal to distract, just conversation and wine! Tiredness eventually takes a hold and then it’s time to light the fire, put the kettle on and make our way to bed.

The bed is hidden away during the day in Shaker fashion making for the dining/seating/domino wars area.  But, come the evening you simply store away the cushions, pull the table down to form the base and out pops a ready made bed with the most snuggly quilt (made from local sheep wool). With the woodburner lit and a warm belly from the wine I envelop myself inside the warm, cosiness of the hut.  I’m not gonna lie, I had the most terrible night’s sleep, no fault at all on the part of Dimpsey…


Guilty as charged.

The hut at night…

A slightly more successful breakfast was created on the fire pit and within the outdoor oven.. the slow grown, rare breed sausages were divine and produced by Emma and Andrew on the farm.  There is a brilliantly stocked kitchenette (with glorious views) complete with a hob and everything you need to whip up a feast.  It is a real joy boiling the kettle on the hob and making toast on the cast iron skillet.. There’s even a spice rack hidden away amongst the wood clad walls.  I almost forgot to mention ‘Hot Chocolate Corner’!


Alongside all the treasure you will also find, books, games and adult colouring books.. this place isn’t just for summer, it would make a wonderfully cosy winter retreat too.  I kicked ass at dominoes (well in my mind I did)! Dimpsey is the perfect place to take some time out from modern life, kick back with a book in the cosy corner, or come to the realisation that you are a competitive bugger!

I now want to approach the subject of ablutions.. Always a concern.. Luckily the hut contains a perfectly formed bathroom which has fluffy spa like towels and toiletries AND a powerful, hot shower.. What more could a girl want? A hairdryer? Yes there’s one of those too.. and not a typical hotel ‘I’ll just blow on my hair’ hairdryer but a real one! Bonus! I do get excited about good bathrooms.. and a bathroom with some ‘porn’ is pretty damn cool if you ask me..

The final word and crowning glory of Dimpsey, must surely go to it’s outdoor wood-fired hot tub.. now I was just a little bit excited about this, however after two hours of a patient and dedicated Dan (aka the fire starter) the temperature still wasn’t really up to scratch. We (or should I say Dan) followed all the advice, however as the evening was quite chilly we did struggle to heat it.  I felt pretty guilty that he’d spent so long over what was definitely a hedonistic idea on my part.. so I had a soak anyway.. It wasn’t cold, but probably not as luxurious and indulgent as it could have been! Lets call it ‘tepid’. I’m sure in the summer months (and maybe with some practice) the hot tub would be an absolute delight.

Our stay was pretty perfect, so thank you Dimpsey for your charming company and thank you Emma and Andrew for creating a little slice of vintage heaven (and cake) in the beautiful Somerset countryside.


First blog post


Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’m new to this and not completely sure of what I’m doing, but I have wanted to do this for some time and I figure I must make a start, right now, there is no better time.

Pixie postcards will feature, places I love, places I visit and places I have travelled to..

Travelling and finding interesting, beautiful accommodation has become a bit of a passion, at the cost of my house being completed! I am not one of those typical travel bloggers, I don’t have heaps of cash,  I am just me.  I’m not trying to be out there or impress, I just love taking pictures and those that know me will tell you I like a good old waffle! I’m not a pro photographer, nor am I a talented wordsmith but I do have a passion for the things I see and I hope to convey this here.

I’d love for you to take the time to follow me and my ramblings.. Thank you my lovelies, my first ‘actual’ blog will be added soon. ❤ ❤ ❤

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